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bringing research to life 

I was an Airfix kid. I used to drag my Mum around all the different model shops in various towns and villages. Picking out models and tiny tins of enamel paint. Then sit in my room for hours self-learning how to model. Now 20 years on my partner Marllorie encouraged me to do something I loved. Which was modelling. I bought my first Spitfire, cracked opened the glue, fumes pouring out trigging off many fond memories of modelling. I immediately fell back in love with modelling. However this time I have youtube and more money than when I was skid spending a quid on a tin of Humbrol. (I still remember the paint numbers)  

British plastic model stash collection.jpg

Yes, I went nuts and need to dial it back. These models in different combinations will become reenactments of my family history. Please reach out if you have any British 1:35 you would like to sell or trade.

British plastic model stash collection.jpg
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