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Spitfire 1:35 first build since I was 12

Updated: Oct 29, 2021

Plastic model making was a hobby that I did as a kid tucked away in my room, probably getting high off enamel paint fumes. Dragging my Mum through various model shops in different towns and villages. Listening to all the old men giving me advice. Picking out my Airfix model kit, checking the number paint scheme, trying to judge how much money I had and how many paints I needed. I still remember the paint number schemes. Do you? 33, 11, 10 can you gues the plane build? That's a clue. I later moved into Warhammer before I found Rugby and University.

COVID 2020 proved to be weird year bringing lots of different stresses and strains into our lives. So many of us are locked away in our homes trying to keep sane by taking up different hobbies, reading, home modifications etc. My job was one of those that actually got busier during COVID. I am in the Laboratory furniture business. This brought a lot of stresses managing a team remotely, increasing our brand awareness online, launching new products etc. My partner Mallorie had recommended taking back up something I loved that would help me relax and relive my creative itch. Modelling!

So I went down to my local Hobby Lobby and picked up my self a Revell Spitfire 1:35 and a Testers paint starter kit. Being from England I had no idea where to go for models or brand familiarity. America being America I met some amazingly helpful people in the aisle way that guided me into my purchasing decisions.

Best way to start modelling hobby?

So my journey began using the beginner Acrylic set, Arifix plane building skills and Warhammer figure painting weathering. My Spitfire came to life and so did my passion for modelling again.

Dangerous thing is now I have money.......

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