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Teds Details

Green Howard

killed at Dunkirk

John Edward Dimmock 

31 May 1940 - 31 March 1940 (Bray Dunes)

Service number : 4392100

Service: British Army WW2

Battalion: 7th Green Howards

Casualty list No.234

Fate: Killed in Action

Goes by : Ted Dimmock

ft chest-06.png
Edward Dimmock head shot iphone isolated.png
Before the war

West Layton UK

John Edward Dimmock, known by many as Ted, has the sad distinction to be the only man of the 7th Green Howards to be killed at Dunkirk.

John E. Dimmock, who hailed from West Layton UK was the only boy in a family of four. His sister were big Sister Jane E Butler (My Nana’s Mum), Hilda M Dimmock (Married to Arthur E Story) and Ena Dimmock (Married to Herbert Baker).  John and Minnie Dimmock were their parents.

By all accounts, Ted was easy going, jolly, and an easy man to get on with.  He had a natural musical ability and helped an elderly couple maintain their garden. However, life on the Barnes’ farm was unpleasant to him, as was his father’s treatment of him.  It was reported that on one occasion his father threw a brick at him.

He chose to leave and soon found a new job working for the council as a road worker. Sometime later he was betrothed to his sweetheart Sally from Butterworth, who worked in the general store in the nearby village of Ravensworth.

west layton.PNG

West LaytonRichmondshire in North Yorkshire map courtesy of 

Stanley Coleman and John Edward Dimmock iphone.png
War in France

June 1940

Though they had little training and equipment, they were sent to war April 1940. They were not sent to fight, but to construct an airstrip.

The British strength dwindled as the German's speed and aggression increased. The 6th and 7th Green Howards were ordered to retreat and left the airstrip at Farbus Camps to take shelter in Thelus Woods. They were later attacked by Stukas German dive bombers. They were ordered to march to the beaches on March 22nd.  It took nine days to trek through Gondercourt, Steenwick Westoutre and Killem Linde and they finally arrived on March 31st 0100 at Bray Dunes, 6 miles north of Dunkirk.

Answering the WW2 Draft

Sept - 1939

His career change ultimately proved fatal as he was called up to fight in World War 2, at the age of 20. He enlisted in the 7th Green Howards, the Yorkshire regiment of Alexandria, Princess of Wales.  The battalion was reformed in 1939 when the territorial army doubled in size. They served as part of the 69th Infantry Brigade, with the 23rd (Northumbrian) Division transferring to 50th Division.

The Battalion was raised in Bridlington, East York and the core of the HQ Company was comprised of former pupils of the school. This is where John Dimmock met his closest friend, Stanley Coleman.

Edward Dimmock iphone isolated.png
Bray Dunes 1940

May 31st

Upon arriving at Bray Dunes, they were ordered to disperse and take cover in the dunes. Shortly after, at 0600 they were shelled. While the overall casualties were few, John E Dimmock was killed. A piece of shrapnel went through his chest wallet and claimed his life. Pastor Metcalf was on duty and grabbed Ted’s belongings, including his wallet, tags and a packed pipe ready to smoke. He was wrapped in a blanket before they buried him in the sand-dunes. Reportedly, Metcalf  “then ran like hell.” At 0800 hours they were ordered onto the beach to try boarding small boats, but the sea was too rough. Instead, the Green Howards were ordered to head to the east mole to act as stretcher bearers.

War Diary
Clipping from  7th Green Howards War diary 1940
may 31st.png
Teds Death
Teds Death

May 31st Bray Dunes 1940 8am

Ted’s mother Minie Dimmock, received Ted’s belongings and another man’s tags from Pastor Metcalfe.  It is speculated that Minie was never the same after;  holding out hope that Ted was alive and there had been a mix up with the tags. She continued to look to the hills above their house in West Layton, waiting for him to come home. She stated that she often thought she could hear his footsteps. The farmers brought her food, but she refused. She blamed them for mistreating Ted and believed they forced him to leave the safety of farm work only to be called up and killed. Sally married after they lost touch.

Stanley later visited the family home to share his commiserations for his best friend’s death. He had missed the battle due to developing diphtheria. This is when my Grandparents first met. Jenny Butler and Stanley Coleman kept in touch and wrote letters to each other throughout the war.

Neville Metcalfe.jpg
Only Man from the 7th Green Howards to be killed at Dunkirk

John E Dimmock 

7th green howard commonwealth war grave.PNG

John Edward Dimmock’s body was never recovered, but he has a head stone at the Dunkirk Memorial, France.


Thanks to Pastor Metcalf we have Ted's wallet. Unfortunatly Ted  wasnt a rich man with a thick wallet to stop the shrapnel passing though and hitting him in the chest. Inside is a picture of Sally his Fiance that he will never get to marry and the souvenirs he collected to give to her.  

The wallet that didn't save his life

John Dimmock's chest wallet

7th Green Howard wallet
Dunkirk Wallet Hole
John Dimmock Fiancé Sally
Do you know Sally?
Dunkirk souvenir embroidery
Dunkirk souvenir 1940
Who was injured from the 7th Green Howards at Bray dunes?

Many years later 1960’s My Nana tells a story about how she and Stanley went to visit her father in St John of God Hospital at Scorton, near Richmond. Stanley recognized a man at the hospital and described him as having dark hair, medium build, and looked “tough as old boots.” He claimed that he was 1 of 3 men that were hit by the shell along with Ted.

We are still looking for the two that stood by him at his death and wonder if they can shed and light on what happened. Also, we are truly thankful of Pastor Metcalf and his service.

Information Request

1. Who was next to TED when he Died?
2. Images of the Green Howards band.
3. Sally from Butter Worth Village UK.
4. Images of France 29140 Green Howards.
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