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WW1 somme in a 18pdr shell

Thinking out of the box, I wanted to incorporate am actually piece of history, an antique and create a memento out of it. I found a ww1 18pdr shell in an antique store in England, that had been converted into an ashtray. It was common to turn shells in ww1 into art, trench art. I just so happened to find a very decorative ashtray.

What I love about shells is the history they tell. It's all on the bottom. On the bottom of the shell, there are several stamps of letters and symbols that illustrate the life of that shell. When, where it was made etc.

I wanted to create a piece dedicated to my family in ww1 who experienced the Somme. Therefore I created a mini dioama 1/350 scale in a real ww1 shell.

  • Using 1/350 tamiya figure set as the soldiers, I glued on wire to replicate rifles.

  • The base is made from xpf foam - local hardware store + Sculpta mold

  • The trench is created from coffee stirrers, inscribed.

  • Explosions made from cotton wool

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