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Shadow Box diorama for Mum

So twice within a year, I had a special guest come visit me in the USA from England, my Mum and Brother.

Similar to my brother, I wanted to give my Mum a special gift she could take back with her. So I wanted to create a portable diorama of her father driving his truck, reading letters from his girlfriend, his future wife, my Nana! A memento of her war hero father.

The concept is using a Cigar box as a shadow box and transportation box, small enough to fly with and protect its contents. Looking at the cigar box I fell in love with the lid, as it was another canvas to add something unique. In this case, I added my grandad's 7th Green Howards records, (which is pretty extensive)

Me and my Mum Alison Willetts with her fathers shadow box diorama

Shadowbox diorama building comes with its challenges as it restricts space but adds backdrops you need to consider.

The build:

Truck: Gecko 1/35 Bedford MWC 15-cwt 200 Gallon Water Bowser Truck - I got mine from Ebay. I purchased this as, because of fast shipping/price from Ebay. I had planned to originally cut off the bed but then later scratch-built it.

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