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Diorama Travel Box

The goal was to gift my brother a mini diorama. But he flew from England to visit me in the USA so I needed something that would survive the flight and his newborn baby.

My brother is amazing so lucky to have him, he brings a smile and laughs every time I talk to him. So when he came over to visit I wanted to give him something a little special that he could put in his pub. Yes his pub, he built one in his backyard/garden. It has a full bar, beer pumps, sofa, a projector, even karaoke and a ww2 section dedicated to our hero Grandfather Stanley Coleman a 7th Green Howard and 5th Wiltshire.

Chris Willetts and Graeme Willetts with Stanley Coleman 7th Green Howard diorama.

With the goal in mind: to survive the trip and create a speedy build.

  • For the base, I decided to use a Custom Dioramics resin 1/35 base. I picked it up in a model show, not sure how much I spent - $15 ish. Money well spent, and the time it saved me to build this from scratch as it would of taken me hours to accomplish the same thing.

  • Combined with some British resin figures, the scene was set! Resin figures compared to plastic figures are on another level of detail. Resin figures paint themselves - they are so highly detailed with contrasting elements that with simple painting techniques turn out amazing.

  • How to transport it. Well, I am fortunate to own my own hobby laser the xtool d1. It was an Amazon deal that was well worth it. (I got my first return on investment doing personalized family Xmas presents, BIG hit) So with that in my tool box, I created a laser-etched diorama base that was box with a lid. The lid I hot glued the resin base to, so in transport the lid could be flipped and the diorama would be encased in the box. Now on the outside of the box I added Stanley Colemans service records and Green Howards cap badge.

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