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This is Charles Abram Butler
Charles Abram Butler

22-09-1899 - 24-10-1918

Service number : 241760

Service: British Army WW1

Battalion: 2nd Battalion

Unit: A Battery 155th Brigade

Royal Field Artillery 

Fate: Killed in Action

Burried: Saushy – Lestree France

Home: Newsham

ft chest-06.png

Newsham, UK

Charles was a boy that grew up to become a man fighting in WW1. Charles from 93 Barforth Hall just outside of Gainford across the River Tees. Grew up with his sisters and younger brother (Jenny Colemans Father)


  • Father             Joseph Butler             1874

  • Mother            Sarah Ann Cole          1873


  • Mary Ann Cole (known as Polly)       1890 Half-sister that married Robert Tye

  • Sarah Ethel (known as Ethel)            1896 Married Robert Geldard

  • Annie Sophia (known as Annie)        1897 Married Suddady and Walton

  • Sylvia Emma (Emma)                         1909 Married George Jackson Fletcher

  • Charles Abram Sept 1899

  • Joseph Henry (Known as Harry)       1901 Married Jane E Dimmock

  • Sylvia Emma (Emma)                         1909 Married George Jackson Fletcher

  • Margaret Elsie (Elsie)                         1912 Married Matthew Wren

barfoth hall UK charles butler family home.PNG

GainfordRichmondshire in North Yorkshire map courtesy of  or Google Maps

Charles Abarm Butler.jpg
"A" Battery


In this picture, you can see Charles Butler from the 155th RFA is stilling in the front right. We do not know who the other chaps are. 

The Run away 

Sept - 1939

Not much is known about Charles life in Gainford as he worked the farms but he did run away from home at the of 15 to sign up for the WW1.


He enlisted in Richmond 02 September 1917 into the 155th (West Yorkshire) Brigade, Royal Field Artillery, which was a new army raised in Leeds in the West Riding of Yorkshire. His service number was issued at No.1 Depot, Newcastle in late September or early October 1917. When Charles was called up to become a gunner/ private of the A Bty (C Bty + half original A Bty) – firing 6 x 18-pounders Howitzers.

The Run away
Charles A Battlion
The Hundred Days Offensive

Canal du Nord 1918

War Diary entry of 1st Oct 1918 talks about the 155 Brigade RFA providing part of a barrage in support of an  (unsuccessful) 32nd infantry Brigade attack on a railway line objective at 5 in the morning. The Diary notes that CB (= counter battery ) fire was heavy during the barrage. In other words the Germans located the guns that were shelling them and shelled back! This is probably when Charles was killed and he was probably one of those serving the guns at the time.

War Diary
Canal Du Nord Trench Map 
May he be remembered

1st Oct 1918

head stone Charles A Butler.jpg

Sauchy-Lestree was captured by the 56th (London) Division on 27 September 1918, and the cemetery was made and used by fighting units during the following five weeks. It was made by fighting units, and it contained the graves of 27 soldiers (mainly 2nd Yorkshire Regiment) and one airman from the United Kingdom and four soldiers from Canada, all of whom fell between the 26th September and the 14th October, 1918.


Charles Abram Butler now Layes at Ceemtry G.4

7th green howard commonwealth war grave.PNG

There were 5 people killed from "A" Battery 29/09 - 01/10/1918

WO-372-3-212547 Medal card of Butler, Charles A Corps Royal Field Artillery_edited.jpg
Charles Butler  WW1 Medal CARD 

Information Request

1. Who served with Charles?
2. Who are the two others in his picture?
3. Pictures of "A" Battery 

My Youtube video collection that has have helped research and gain an understanding of what soldiers went through. 

Battle of Cambrai, British offensive (November–December 1917) on the Western Front during World War I that marked the first large-scale, effective use of tanks in warfare.

The First Battle of Ypres, also called the First Battle of Flanders , was a First World War battle fought for the strategic town of Ypres in western Belgium in October and November 1914. The German and Western Allied attempts to secure the town from enemy occupation included a series of further battles in and around the West Flanders Belgian municipality.

Battle of the Canal du Nord

In depth documentary of the Battle for France. Incredible foot age of tanks movements and battles. lots of information about France's involvement in the war, England not wanting to get involved. Didn't Know France invasion was delayed 28 times after Holland victory. 



Here is a list of weblinks and books that has helped me.

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